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Hey Mamas!

I’d like to introduce you to a practical set of tools that has made more of a difference for me as a mom then anything else I’ve ever learned...


Imagine if you knew that you could handle anything that comes along, in every area of your life,

  • Including giving birth,

  • The intensity of having a newborn,

  • And the entire journey of parenting your child?

Imagine being free of the worry that you’re getting it wrong... and never exhausting yourself trying to get it right?

Does all that seem like a stretch?

I know how you feel.


I mean being a stressed out, exhausted, bundle of guilt, resentment and fear is kinda part of the Mom job? Right?

And if you went back in time with me to my first 4 or 5 years as a parent that was exactly what it was like for me, too.

But what if there really is another possibility?


I went from a self-doubting, self-judging, compulsive reader of parenting books,


Who took 20 minutes to pick a can of soup (let alone a daycare!),

To being a woman who knows....and who knows that she knows.

And I know you can too...


How do I know?


Because I see the potency in you (even if you can't see it in yourself yet).

Because, if you are still reading this, I know you can hear "the dog-whistle" of joy and ease and glory...

  • Even in motherhood.

  • Even on your hardest day.

  • Even when no one else can.

(Watch the video for more on dog-whistles...)

So here is my invitation to you:

“8 Weeks to A Calmer Mom” is an email and video based program.


The program includes:

  • Over the course of 8 weeks, you will have 3 emails per week delivered straight to you inbox.

  • Each message includes a video in which I’ll guide and support you to play with a new perspective on motherhood.

  • I’ll also introduce you to the tools that actually work to change your experience, change the energy of the situations and challenges you face each day.

“8 Weeks to a Calmer Mom” has been called the college course in thriving as a mother that we’ve all been looking for.

Since the materials come right to your inbox, you don’t have to get dressed, shower, or even put on your shoes!

You can watch the videos while you nurse, baby-dance, wait for your coffee to reheat, or for your middle-schooler to return your text.

I've even had a mom who locked herself in the bathroom with the fan on and used the day's video as her 5 minutes of "me" time! Whatever works for your convenience!

You don’t have to do much, but you do have to tune in, and be willing to change your life...

And, if after reading this and/or watching the video, you are lighter, spacious, energized, excited, nervous and tingly...

I invite you to click the “Buy Now” button below.

First, choose “Buy Now” and process your payment, then click “Return to Merchant” and you’ll be sent to a “Sign In” page.

Register with your name and email. Add to your contacts and you're all set! You will shortly begin receiving your Calmer Mom emails!

BONUS: Limited Time 30% Savings & FREE Gift!

“8 Weeks to A Calmer Mom” is what I call an “Evergreen Program” - even though I created it a few years ago, the content remains fresh...


And life-changing for the women who choose it.

Normally, it’s priced at $120.

But I know right now is an intense time for families and I’d like to get support into the hands of as many women as possible.

So for a limited time, I’m offering the full 8 Weeks for just $84– that’s $30% off the usual price!

And, if you buy “8 Weeks to a Calmer Mom” now, you’ll get an added...very timely...special gift...

You’ll also get an audio recording of a fun and dynamic class I did in March, called:

“Energetic Immunity Toolkit: Creating Change with the Tools of Access Consciousness”


In the “Energetic Immunity Toolkit” call, I introduce you to the "tools that actually work" from Access Consciousness® to have more ease with all the bugs and body stuff!

The information in the call will:

  • Reduce stress (the #1 immune system killer)

  • Raise your energetic and physical vibration

  • Show you how to Clear the Fear (even when everyone around you is totally freaking out!)

  • Give you clarity and confidence around best practices and choices to keep you and your family healthy.


You have a lot more information now...


About the "8 Weeks to a Calmer Mom" program...

And about the bonus “Energetic Immunity Toolkit”.

What will your life be like if you choose this?

What will it be like if you don’t?

Which choice makes you smile?

If you'd like to have more ease, more joy, more confidence and enthusiasm, please click the "Buy Now" button to get the 30% savings and the FREE Energetic Immunity call recording.

And, no matter what you choose...


Please know you are powerful and capable. 


If anyone tells you you aren't... or that you're wrong, crazy, or not enough...they are deeply mistaken.

I’m Michelle Noble, Creator of The Calmer Mom Project.

Don't forget to breathe. Have fun. Choose “Calmer Mom” if it’s light for you.

Thank you, Brave Lady.


I hope to meet you soon,


P.S. If you are too busy and sleep-deprived to read this whole page, here's the point:

  • 8 weeks of tools to make being a mom easier,

  • A FREE audio to make getting through corona virus insanity easier,

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A session with Michelle is like a relaxing vacation. I realized later I was singing as I worked - something I haven't done in a long time. Even my teenage daughter has noticed I'm happier!

Cindy, Mom of  2 teenagers


Super inspiring! Many aha moments! Michelle is so warm, funny, and down to earth. It's like a visit with a trusted friend.            Lisa, Mom of 8 year old



I like the tools, knowing it's okay to focus on myself, and knowing to be a good mom I don't have to fit in.

Online Client, Mom of Newborn


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