How Many Parenting Books Do You Own?

But here is the problem with all that expert advice. None of it is about You or Your child.

  • What would it be like if you could finally trust yourself?

  • What if being the mom you wish you were isn't about doing everything right?

  • What if it's not about being perfectly consistent with a given approach or technique?

  • What if you could be you and your kids could be themselves and that was just right?

  • What if you and those you care so much about could experience the allowance and the gift, of joyful imperfection?


I created The Calmer Mom Project to offer a different approach as a parenting consultant.


I won't give you advice or tell you what you "should" do; What I will do is support and encourage you. I'll believe in you even when you don't believe in yourself. I'll help you access what you know so you can get out of fear and doubt, even when you, your situation and your kid don't match any of the definitions.

The Calmer Mom Project offers a unique combination: hands-on energy therapy and life coaching tools to bring ease to pregnancy, birth, and beyond. Session and classes can happen in person or online.

I'm here for you in every step of your motherhood journey from conception and the anticipation during pregnancy, the challenges and changes of the post-partum months, and on through the crazy ride that is parenting.

Click here to email me or just give me a call: +1 206-938-7627.

All of Life Comes to You with Ease, Joy, & Glory!TM



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A session with Michelle is like a relaxing vacation. I realized later I was singing as I worked - something I haven't done in a long time. Even my teenage daughter has noticed I'm happier!

Cindy, Mom of  2 teenagers


Super inspiring! Many aha moments! Michelle is so warm, funny, and down to earth. It's like a visit with a trusted friend.            Lisa, Mom of 8 year old



I like the tools, knowing it's okay to focus on myself, and knowing to be a good mom I don't have to fit in.

Online Client, Mom of Newborn


Why Moms love The Calmer Mom Project:



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