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Symphony of Possibilities® Group Tasters
~ Inviting You to Be
Your Magic!
SOP Group Tasters
Mom Bird and Baby Bird

All Online via Zoom

Each date is a separate event. Choose one, two or all...

More Dates Coming Soon!

What is a Symphony of Possibilities®

Group Taster?

 It's not about "fixing" what's "wrong" with you or your life.

Instead, it is an exploration of energies with the target to empower each person to know that they know and what they can choose and change.

Every person has a unique capacity with receiving and gifting energies. The Symphony Taster will allow you to start to access what is right for you and your body, beyond what you've bought as real in this reality.

What would it gift to you, your baby, your children, your family, the future, the planet, if you began to tap into what you've always known is possible, but perhaps doubted because no one else seemed to perceive that possibility?

Does that make you smile?

Are you curious?

Shall we play?

Sample the Calm
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Other Classes, Tasters, Talks, & Possibilities

The MeWe Fair:

Metaphysics & Wellness for Body Mind Heart Soul

Sat. Feb. 5th and Sun. Feb. 6th, 2022

$5 Fair Admission

Access Bars Taster Sessions $25

Everyone knows stress is a killer. But what does it actually take to de-stress? What does it take to relax when your system is programmed to overdrive?

Access Consciousness Bars® has become the world's fastest growing relaxation and de-stress technique. It works so well on it's own or hand-in-hand with other wellness therapies like acupuncture, massage, meditation & yoga, or counseling.

Curious to learn more?

I'm delighted to be offering Access Consciousness Bars® sessions at the upcoming fair in Bellevue on February 5th & 6th.

Come check out the many amazing vendors, stop by the Access booth and say hello, and experience a personalized Bars session!

At the very least you'll feel like you've had a good massage - at the most you're whole like could change...

For more detail on the fair go to: or

All of Life Comes to Me with Ease, Joy, & Glory!®

Pregnant Mom shows her strength

Online via Zoom

Next Date Coming Soon!


(includes birth partner or other supportive person)

Have you heard the story that pregnancy is supposed to be one of the most joyful times in your life?

Do you feel like you must be "getting it wrong" because instead, you're stressed, anxious, depressed, sick or just don't feel that connected to your baby?

What if none of that means there is anything wrong about you?

In this special online class, you'll learn simple tools for more ease, more joy, and LESS STRESS throughout your pregnancy, birth and beyond.

BONUS: Your birth partner or other support person is welcome to join the class for no additional cost.

Your life is a beautiful gift. Your pregnancy can be a beautiful possibility. Isn’t it time you had space to enjoy it more?
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Can We Talk?
Michelle Noble, The Calmer Mom coach
Michelle Noble, The Calmer Mom Coach

Michelle loves to meet with groups and share new perspectives and pragmatic tools for more ease and joy in pregnancy, birth, and parenting.

Whether your group is a Mom's Club, parenting support circle, or a large conference for parents or professionals, Michelle will bring her unique style of warmth, humor, curiosity, and compassion, and down-to-earth magic.


Send her an email to talk about possibilities.

Bars Classes
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Access Bars Classes ~ Powerful Change, Change with Ease, Gifting, Receiving, Tools that Work!

Upcoming Bars Classes:

Sunday, March 17th, 2024


The Heybrook

Kirkland, WA

$440 First Time Adult

$220 Repeat Adult/Youth 16-17yrs old

Kids 15 and under FREE with a paying adult!

Access Consciousness The Bars
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What Are Access Consciousness Bars for Pregnancy and Parenting
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