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Services: The Many Ways to Become a Calmer Mom!
Online ~ Peace in your Pajamas
  • Coaching
  • Distance Symphony Sessions
Hands-on Healing ~
  • Craniosacral Therapy
  • Access Consciousness TM Bars & Body-processes
  • Symphony of Possibilites Sessions
  • Available in Kirkland, WA
Discovery Session
Possibilities in Pregnancy
Possibilities in Pregnancy

Is pregnancy not quite what you thought it would be?


Is your body driving you nuts?


Do have nagging worries about making right choices, bonding with your baby now and after they are born, whether you can handle the birth process, or what happens to being you when you become "Mom"?

Or maybe this is just the perfect time to become the truest, fullest version of you, so you can be confident and present with your baby, whatever the future holds?


Would you like to explore more ease and joy in pregnancy, birth and beyond? In your free, no-pressure FREE Chat, we'll discuss where you're at and where you'd like to be, and if working together is a good fit to help you get there.

More Than Surviving Your Life...Thrive!

Do you just know there must be more to life than getting up, getting through, going to bed, rinse and repeat?

Does it seem like other people are getting it right, or are at least satisfied and you're just...not??

Guess what? Those are all signs and symptoms that you are not wrong, but extraordinary! You just haven't had the tool kit to get from struggle and survive to joy, ease, and thrive!

In your free, no-pressure Thrive! FREE Chat, we'll explore where you're at, what you'd like your life to be like, what's blocking you, what it would take to get free, and whether working together might be the rocket fuel you're looking for.

Online Sessions
Online Private Sessions ~ your pajamas

Receive a personalized session via Zoom without leaving the comfort (or chaos!) of your home:


May include coaching and facilitation or a Distance Symphony Session. You'll also receive a recording so you can re-listen, refresh and deepen your results in the days that follow.

Schedule a FREE Possibilities in Pregnancy or Thrive! or Chat to get learn more or get started.

Hands-on Healing ~
  • Craniosacral Therapy
  • Access Consciousness TM  Bars & Body-Processes
  • Symphony of Possibilities Sessions
  • Available in Kirkland, WA, USA

Sessions include coaching, hands-on energy clearing and gentle bodywork to unwind and support your body and your being.


What Happens in a Session?

During your own hands-on personal session you will talk with Michelle about what you would most like to change in your life.


Michelle will ask you questions and check into the energy behind what is going on for you to help you see what may be keeping you stuck and where there is spacious possibility you may not yet be aware of.


While you lay clothed, cozy and comfortable on a massage table, you will receive relaxing, gentle, light-touch work designed to release whatever is holding you in physical or emotional pain or struggle.

As the energy, stories and limiting beliefs dissolve, you will, at the least, feel like you've had a great massage, and at the best, your whole life will change!

Schedule a FREE Possibilities in Pregnancy or Thrive! or Chat to get learn more or get started.

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