Services: The Many Ways to Become a Calmer Mom!
Online ~ "8 Weeks to a Calmer Mom"

Experience 8 weeks of transformation delivered straight to your email inbox ($120.00): Powerful tools and re-frames that bring ease and a fresh set of possibilities to your experience being a Mom.


Each email includes a video in Michelle's friendly, "Mamas-meeting-for-coffee" style plus a quick written summary of the video (with an occasional bonus tip!).

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Online Private Sessions ~ your pajamas

Receive a 30 minute personalized session via Zoom without leaving the comfort (or chaos!) of your home. (Starting at $55): Discover Tools of energetic transformation for any area of your life you'd like to change. You'll also receive a recording so you can re-listen and refresh in the days that follow.

Session Purchase Options:

(You will be forwarded to scheduling after your purchase)

Single session - $55​​

3 week package - $125

​​Monthly membership - $155


(Auto-renewal; cancel anytime): Receive a weekly online session or upgrade any online session to a hands-on appointment for $20 off the regular price of a hands-on session. Also receive VIP email access to Michelle and other bonuses!

Hands-on Healing ~ Private Calmer Mom Discovery Session & Personalized Programs

Begin with a 90-minute private session + follow-up phone consult ($255): includes coaching, hands-on energy clearing to reduce stress, create lightness, ease, and new possibilities in your Mama Journey! A follow up call 2-3 days later gives you a chance to ask questions, talk about what changes you've already noticed, and find your next best step in becoming a Calmer, more joyful Mom.


What Happens in a Session?

During your own Calmer Mom Discovery Session you will talk with Michelle about what you would most like to change in your life, the things that feel directly related to being a Mom and those areas that may seem completely separate.


Michelle will ask you questions and check into the energy behind what is going on for you to help you see what may be keeping you stuck and where there is spacious possibility you may not yet be aware of.


You will also receive a relaxing, hands-on Access Consciousness Bars TM  session. While you lay clothed, cozy and comfortable on a massage table, Michelle will gently hold energy clearing points on your head that connect with the places in your life that you wish to change.


As the energy, stories and limiting beliefs dissolve, you will, at the least, feel like you've had a great massage, and at the best, your whole life will change!

Before you leave, you can schedule your follow-up phone consult with Michelle.


During the phone consult Michelle will answer any questions that have come up for you, offer additional support and coaching, and invite you to explore the next steps to having more ease, joy and calm in your Mama Journey.

Session Purchase Options:

(You will be forwarded to scheduling after your purchase)

Single session - $255

Beyond Calm! When you're ready to fly....

6 Sessions over 2-3 months


Group ~ The Calmer Mom Connection

Be part of your own Calmer Mom Connection!($1099) 

Be part of a small group of other Mamas for a dynamic 3-month transformation in your experience of motherhood. Group coaching, Hands-on Energy Clearing,  ongoing support and your own personal community of Calmer Moms.

  • Connection Group Gather twice each month to share, learn and receive support from Michelle and your Mom Connection community

  • Bars Day - Learn to Gift and Receive the amazing, relaxing, and transformational Access Consciousness BarsTM 

  • Weekly Joy and Calm Mom Tool Message, chosen specifically for your Connection Group

  • Exclusive email access to Michelle

  • Change any area of your life you'd like to change, and create joy, ease, more fun, and the Mama Calm you're looking for!

A session with Michelle is like a relaxing vacation. I realized later I was singing as I worked - something I haven't done in a long time. Even my teenage daughter has noticed I'm happier!

Cindy, Mom of  2 teenagers


Super inspiring! Many aha moments! Michelle is so warm, funny, and down to earth. It's like a visit with a trusted friend.            Lisa, Mom of 8 year old



I like the tools, knowing it's okay to focus on myself, and knowing to be a good mom I don't have to fit in.

Online Client, Mom of Newborn


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