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How was the Challenge? What questions do you have? Ask them below!

Use this form to ask your questions beforehand for the Zoom on Sunday!

Thank you so much for being a part of the Hi Baby Challenge! I loved having you here!

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After the birth of my first child, I struggled with postpartum depression, exhaustion, and overwhelm; I’d cry when I told our birth story and they weren’t tears of joy. It was so intense, my husband and I almost chose “one and done!”


During my second pregnancy, I was terrified that the birth and postpartum year would be as painful as it was the first time around. Then, on my due date, I was introduced to the tools of Access ConsciousnessⓇ.


With these life-changing tools, every area of my life started getting easier, including the birth of my second baby the very next day!


Since then, I’ve shared this unique blend of coaching, energy clearing, and support for the body with hundreds of moms, helping them discover a new level of relaxation, confidence, and connection from conception, through birth, and throughout their motherhood journey.



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Online Client, Mom of Newborn

I like the tools, knowing it's okay to focus on myself, and knowing to be a good mom I don't have to fit in.

Elisabeth Morgan

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It's hard to put into words how powerful Michelle's work os.

I was 11 days overdue with my daughter and had tried all the "tricks" to naturally induce Labor, with no luck. I went in for an Access bars session in the evening, and I could feel the change in my body immediately after. My labor started within a couple of hours and my little girl was here early the next morning!

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Lisa, Mom of 8 year old

Super inspiring! Many aha moments! Michelle is so warm, funny, and down to earth. It's like a visit with a trusted friend.

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