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What If....
  • What if you could finally trust yourself?

  • What if being an amazing mom isn't about doing everything right?

  • What if it's not about being perfectly consistent with a given approach or technique?

  • What if you could be you without worrying you're doing something wrong - and your kids could be themselves and that was just right?

  • What if you and those you care so much about could experience the allowance (and the gift) of joyful imperfection?

  • What if pregnancy, birth, and motherhood don't have to go hand in hand with fear and doubt?

What if there really is another possibility?

The Calmer Mom Project offers a unique combination: hands-on energy therapy to relax, unwind, and nurture your body, combined with coaching tools to bring ease to pregnancy, birth, and beyond. Session and classes can happen in person or online.

More than anything else, The Calmer Mom Project is about "empowering you to know that you know."® (The motto of Access Consciousness, the body of work that is the foundation of my toolbox)

I won't give you advice or tell you what you "should" do; what I will do is support and encourage you. I'll believe in you even when you don't believe in yourself.

I'm here for you in every step of your mama journey from conception and the anticipation during pregnancy, the challenges of birth, the changes of the post-partum months, and on through the crazy ride that is parenting.

Would you like some support? Would you like to discover how things can be easier? Click below to schedule your FREE Chat.

All of Life Comes to Me with Ease, Joy, & Glory!®



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