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Are You Asking For a Different Pregnancy, Birth and Beyond?

Prenatal Depression (and Anxiety) is a condition that affects 14-23% of pregnant women.

Even in the 50% of pregnancies that are planned, the number of women who experience doubt and ambivalence over birth, becoming a mother or having more children is high.

In an article in Motherly magazine one woman tells her story, “I said, 'I'm not doing well. How can we make it less scary for me because at this point I'm so terrified that I can't function.' And (the OB's) answer was, 'You're pregnant. That's normal. That's what pregnancy is.'"


Is that truly what pregnancy is?


Or is there another possibility that supports women, creates connection between a mother and her baby, even before birth, and can clear the path for ease and joy in the birth experience no matter what it looks like?


What if you don’t have to be anxious or worried you won’t get it right?


What if you could be curious about what’s to come, rather than exhausted and overwhelmed?


What if you, your body, and your baby could be a team, connecting and co-creating your future, including your birth experience?

You can choose this. Click below to schedule your free phone chat, tell me about yourself, and find out if working together might be a good fit for you.

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