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This Mother's Day, give her the ease
she's asking for....
Calmer Mom Discovery Session 
A Relaxing Experience of Energy Therapy & Coaching ~ $255 in office, $295 at her home
Wow! You Really Love Her...
6 sessions of Ease, Joy, and Glory for the Mama or Mama-to-be ~ $1530 Just $1495
8WCM Mother's Day
Online ~ "8 Weeks to a Calmer Mom"

Experience 8 weeks of transformation delivered straight to your email inbox ($120): Powerful tools and re-frames that bring ease and a fresh set of possibilities to your experience being a Mom.


Each email includes a video in Michelle's friendly, "Mamas-meeting-for-coffee" style plus a quick written summary of the video (with an occasional bonus tip!).

Access Complete "8 Weeks to a Calmer Mom"?

Now Just $120

Calmer Mom Discovery Session
Individual Mother's Day

90-minute private session + follow-up phone consult ($255 in-office, $295 at your home): includes coaching, hands-on energy clearing to reduce stress, create lightness, ease, and new possibilities in her Mama Journey! A follow up call 2-3 days later gives her a chance to ask questions, talk about what changes she's already noticed, and find her next best step in becoming a Calmer, more joyful Mom.


6 Sessions Mother's Day
Wow! You Really Love Her...

A 6 session program, in-office or at home (withing 30 minutes of Edmonds) at her discretion. ($1495) Includes relaxing, hands-on energy clearing and coaching to create ease, lightness and a joyful Mama (or Mama-to-be!). Perfect as part of prenatal or postpartum care, or for Mamas of kids of any age (even grown).

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